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    RageGaming Rust is hosted and paid for by myself. It does not run on donations like the other Gmod servers. It is vastly different from Gmod however even though it is made by the same developer.

    What is Rust?
    Simply put Rust is a Steam Early Access PC/MAC survival game currently in Alpha. It has aspects similar to Minecraft however it is much more complex and much more mature in nature than Minecraft. It can only be played in multiplayer as of right now. That may change as development on the game continues.

    The difference of Rust from Garry's Mod/Important information
    Some rules have different punishments due to the game itself. It also has certain maintenance things you should be aware of.

    1. The server does an automatic restart every 6 hours
    This keeps the server from having issues with RAM or other overloads as well as DDoS attacks being limited should one occur as the server will shut down and reboot completely. All connections outside of the server's game state will be closed while it reboots(12AM 6AM 12PM and 6PM) This is set up by me and can be changed to every 12 hours if needed.

    2. The map is wiped and reset every month
    This is something that we cannot do anything about. Every month Facepunch (The developers) wipe all Rust servers to eliminate any bugs, glitches or exploits that may have been fixed. On the first Thursday of every month ALL RUST SERVERS are wiped. This will allow for a fresh start. If you are new to Rust this would be important to keep in mind as this would be the best time to start playing.

    If the game does not do a wipe I will manually do one. Additionally manual wipes may be done on our own accord for various reasons. Check back here for announcements on resets and other maintenance.

    3. Same Community Rules, different punishments
    All of the community rules besides a few retaining only to Gmod as a whole are in effect on Rust. However, some punishments have been changed as Rust doesn't support all of the commands we have on Garry's Mod. In addition it has some server specific rules be sure to review them.

    4. Firewall protection
    RageGaming Rust is protected under the nfoservers Rust firewall to help protect against DDoS attacks. If your IP has been associated with an attack or within the IP range of an attack you maybe denied access to the server. The Rust database for this is separate from the Gmod database so may still have access to RageGaming Gmod servers.

    5. Plugins and Staffing
    RageGaming Rust has special plugins unlike RageGaming Gmod they are beyond EXP and stat boosts. Staff are also held to 2 ranks. Admin and Moderator. This may change should a reasonable rank plugin is made or discovered.

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