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    RG Sandbox is a server that is meant for creating and just screwing around where rules are loose and you're only limitted by your imagination..well and the game engine. The server is meant to be fun and kind of random.

    That being said there are a few things you should know.

    1. Sandbox isn't the most stable; the nature of Sandbox means the server may crash from time to time. Don't worry we do our best to limit it.

    2. Some things not allowed on other servers are here. Basically to sum up the rules, don't be a jerk, don't purposely crash the server.

    3. Staff aren't strict; Sandbox staff is ALL staff from other servers but unless there is an issue don't expect them to come on and keep an eye on things.

    What Admins May Do

    While it's a fun and loose server admins still hold the right to enforce what rules exist. As well as other things.

    • An admin may use the "ulx cleanup" command at any time if too many things are spawned this will REMOVE EVERYTHING SPAWNED BY PLAYERS
    • Mute/gag players; spaming and being rude still isn't allowed if an admin decides to mute or gag because of this they have every right to do so.
    • Kick or ban: Most server specific rules have to do with spawning, being a jerk or doing other things that result in things that after warned go to a kick or ban. Admins can do this at any time if the rules are not being obeyed.
    • Slay players: If someone is abusing weapons or other things the admins may slay them to remove their weapons.
    • Use special items: There are a few items that are off limits to non staff, they may use these weapons but if they are abused action will be taken. As always if you think a staff is abusing their abilities use the !request command to report it, fill a report out on forums or contact management.

    Forum Reports Link: http://ragegaming.net/Forums/forums/reports.133/

    Suggestions: #suggestions channel on the RageGaming Discord server.

    Player Reports: [RG]Rucksack, Handeril, Luigisteve21, server staff

    Abuse Reports (Admins/Players): [RG]Rucksack, Handeril, Luigisteve21

    Bug Reports: [RG]Rucksack, Handeril


    Handeril (RageGaming Owner)
    Discord: Handeril#4535
    Forums: http://ragegaming.net/Forums/members/handeril.73/

    [RG]Rucksack (Community Director)

    Discord: Rucksack#1050
    Forums: http://ragegaming.net/Forums/members/rg-rucksack.4/

    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RGRucksack/

    Luigisteve21 (Community Manager)
    Discord: lonewolfluigi#3730
    Forums: http://ragegaming.net/Forums/members/luigisteve21.41/

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