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    Steam ID:

    *Age: 26

    *Current Server Rank: MVP

    In-game name:
    Time played (top right corner):
    1d 1hr 30min
    Reason for applying? (If you are reapplying from being staff before, why were you no longer staff? Explain.)
    I enjoy this community that I have stumbled upon by accident. The lvling sytem, the final prop standing, the jokes and the competativeness of it is thrilling. I want to be an even bigger part in this world and enjoy the company of everyone here.
    Why should we accept you?:
    I enjoy helping other out when they need it, whether its give instructions on how to do certain things in the game or just help some one out with minor things like prop position and so on. I believe that my happy go lucky attitude helps in stressful situations.
    How often you get on and how long:
    I get on nearly every day if I can for about 2 hours. It all depends on how much home work I have since my college education does come first.
    Are you bilingual?:
    Would you ever base a punishment solely on another players word? If so, under what circumstances?:
    No. It turns into a he/she said he/she said game. I would either need to see video evidence or be there and witness it myself. I would pull the person in question aside and discuss the matter with them to let them know what had been said(not by who) and that the action in question was not allowed here.
    Discord Name (Required):
    Do you use voice chat?:
    Yes. Not all that often as I am usually on after my roommates are asleep.
    Are you able to use correct grammar?:
    Absolutely. I do try to, though there are times my fingers don't work so it making me appear to be an idiot.
    Additional information:

    * Questionnaire
    1) What is the rule/time limit for props and hunters? 5 mins. 30 secs of preparation for the props plus 4mins and 30 seconds of hunt time.
    2) Is any other language spoken besides english is accepted in the server? No. English Only.
    3) Name 4 staff members and their ranks. Well there's Handeril: The Boss, The Great Gatsby: The Boss 2.0, Tigerlily(Tigri): Server Moderator I believe and Skyllamma: New promoted to Admin.
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