CO-Owner++ Giveaway!!! (Nov. 1 to December 31)

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    That's right! We are hosting a Co-Owner++ Giveaway! All VIP and MVP packages purchased from Nov. 1st, If you already bough prior to this giveaway starting (Nov 1-Nov 25) your already entered, to the end of the year (December 31st) will make you eligible for the giveaway! You can buy the packages on more than one server (or more than once if you wish) to increase your odds of winning.

    What is Co-Owner++?
    Co-Owner++ is the highest available package you can buy at RageGaming it gives you a custom rank name (i.e. The Nobody) as well as inheriting the powers of the Admin rank with the exception of a few management based commands. You will be able to request a playermodel to be added to all servers under the VIP+ section. You can set your own exp levels, pointshop points and best of all, it's community wide. You get it on all current and new servers! A $200 value!


    To enter just purchase a VIP or MVP package for any server. You will be entered automatically! No extra work required! Each VIP package gets you 1 ticket and MVP is worth 2. You may buy multiple packages on different servers to get more entires. Odds of winning will depend on the amount of entries. 1 package for every 15 VIP/MVP packages sold with a minimum of 1 Co-Owner given out.

    You don't have to buy the package VIP or MVP for yourself! Gift it to a friend and keep the entry for the giveaway! Just tell Handeril or Rucksack who you want to give it to with their SteamID or Steam profile link so we can give it to them.

    Awarding the Winner(s)
    The winner(s) will be selected through a random drawing at the end of the promotion (January 1st, 2018 12 AM CST) and be notified via message on Steam, Discord and Forums. Upon winning the steam account used to enter (the one you log in with on the donations site) will be put in the "New Co" group. This is the default group for Co-Owners until you give us a custom rank name. If you wish to gift the CO rank you must contact Handeril or Rucksack to do so.


    • You may only win 1 Co-Owner package. (If you are drawn 2 or more times it will be redrawn for that package)
    • Server Staff ARE allowed to enter
    • There is no age limit
    • There is no maximum tickets you may obtain
    • You will get the VIP or MVP rank regardless of if you win or lose
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