Community Announcement 3/16/2020: Prop Hunt Reborn!

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    The Return of Rage Gaming Prop Hunt:

    Prop Hunt has returned with it a slew of changes. We have a special version of Prop Hunt Enhanced tailored to RG's needs. This version of the game mode allows for a lot of quality of life tweaks including prop rotation, better hitboxes (OP crows and eggs be gone!) and more! If you're a long time player or returning vet, don't worry the EXP system works and is functional with the new version of Prop Hunt and has had some tweaks done to it in order to help balance it out. More importantly, we are looking for new staff members to help aid our current team in keeping the servers running smoothly.

    Staffing Needs:

    We're looking for staff to fill positions on Murder and TTT as well. If you feel like you have good knowledge of the servers don't hesitate to apply! You can apply here on the forums or by contacting the Server Manager, Community Manager or Community Director (myself). We ask you use the format provided here on the forums regardless of how you choose to apply. We are looking into making some of this available in our Discord so stay tuned!

    Our requirements are: You must have played on the server for at least 10 hours, you must answer a few questions, you must be in our Discord (or willing to join) as this is where we do most of our communication and you have to stay active on the server to keep your staff position.

    If you feel like you meet these requirements then fill out an application by copying the template here and either posting it to the servers Staff Applications subforum or by sending it to any of the people in the ranks noted above.

    Join our Discord here:
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