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    Agreement from the buyer to RageGaming and its affiliates
    The following is a legal binding contract defining an agreement between you, the buyer, and the service provider RageGaming and it's representatives and/or its affiliates. Upon any purchase with RageGaming on the domain you agree to these terms and will abide by them per this agreement and any agreements you have agreed to from your financial firm, bank, credit union or other financial service when applicable. Upon purchasing you agree to everything stated here and any updates in the future as written in the "Updates to the Agreement" section.

    About Donations
    Donations help us obtain the required funds that are needed to run the servers. In return we offer "Donation Perks" in turn to people who are willing to donate. As these services are provided as "of value" to the donation amount (unless the "Free Donation" option is used in which you agree you will not be obtaining any of these perks) these vary and similar to micro-transactions on mobile games the bonuses to the EXP system just help speed things up that would otherwise take time.

    All payments are handled with PayPal so you also must agree to follow their terms of service. You will be prompted to do so upon purchase or account creations depending on the chosen method. RageGaming will NOT accept other forms of payment unless processed through the PayPal service.

    This agreement is in addition to any other laws that would apply to you, the buyer. By breaking this agreement in anyway that breaks any law be it local, national or otherwise you are comitting a crime. RageGaming will provide any and all evidence should it be requested by law enforcement or others with a legal right to view said information (such as a lawyer).

    Your Agreement

    You as the person donating to Rage Gaming understand that this is a free-will donation that helps us with the costs of running the servers. As such you understand that as a donation it is NON-REFUNDABLE and charging back in an illegal or fraudulent manner is not allowed as per this agreement. However in accordance with The Federal Trade Commission (United States only) you may request a refund within 72 hours after the initial purchase. After that you may not file any request for a refund nor file a complaint with any form of financial services as per this agreement. That being said, if there was an issue with your transaction you are to contact Handeril or [RG]Rucksack and they will provide assistance and if we are unable to fix your issue we will direct you to either your financial service or we will file a dispute with PayPal. This would include unauthorized use of your financial account/PayPal ect. to purchase goods from RageGaming, again contact our support team first and if we cannot deal with it we will instruct you on how to proceed. We do this to ensure you get a full, valid refund and it is done in a way that saves time and money on both ends.

    For donations/donors outside of United States jurisdictions namely those in the European areas we will not obtain any information from the transaction besides information you agreed to disclose with PayPal as per their Privacy Policy.

    Your perks will be delivered in-game or by staff in the event the automatic system fails to do so. In this event it is YOUR responsibility to inform us should this happen. Charging back for any reason is in violation of this agreement and is punishable in accordance with United States Federal Law as well as any other applicable state, county, local or other such laws. In addition you may lose your right to access RageGaming services.

    In addition failure to abide by RageGaming's rules and guidelines can result in loss of your ability to access the servers. If you lose your access you will NOT BE ISSUED ANY FORM OF REFUND. Your own actions lead to the "punishments" as noted in our rules and guidelines sections as well as the "Player Agreement"

    Updates to the Agreement
    This agreement is subject to updates at any time without prior notification to the person(s) who have previously donated or have yet to. Updates may include things such as corrections, updates to the agreement terms, or the agreement in and of itself.

    Major updates (changes to what the terms define and enforce for example) will be announced small edits like format or minor corrections will not.
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