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    At times "Events" will occur on Sandbox. These will be things like minigames. Each one will have it's own set of rules and it is an indev idea as of now only 2 exist. To initiate an event you just have to follow the stated how-to


    To activate a Deathrun event a votemap to a deathrun map must pass. After the map changes the Deathrun event will be active until changed back via vote or an admin ends the event. This one will have two versions

    Standard: one life, you die you can either wait for everyone OR if you wish join the death team

    Special: Runners get 3 lives, after you lose all 3 lives you join death,


    1 death per trap: When active this means you may only lose one life per trap if you die to a trap more than once you will only be counted as losing one life.

    One at a time: This rule can be applied to Standard and Special, when active this rule means you cannot run ahead and all players must pass a trap before the next one can start.

    Death Match

    An optional event that can be held on any map not during a deathrun game. You and any other players who agree to it will engage in a deathmatch throughout the map.


    -You may use the Tactical Insertion from the Black Ops II items

    -Mass RDM will not take effect to players participating.

    -You may not use this as an excuse to start killing other players who are not participating

    -You cannot use Noclip to fly around in the air, all kills must be made from the ground

    -If other players not wanting to participate are in the game respect what they are doing, don't be a dick

    -Weapons like the Davy Crockett, BFG, Orbital Strike and Sexyness are NOT ALLOWED

    -Your HP may not exceed 200

    -matches can last as long as all players agree, at any time a player may opt to drop from the event, respect their

    -Do not spawn kill, give all participating players a minimum of 15-20 seconds after respawning before killing them again.


    Snipers Only: You can only use the crossbow, M9K Snipers and the Scoped Raging Bull from the M9K Pistols

    Pistols Only: You can only use any M9K Pistol, the HL2 Pistol, DOOM 3 Pistol, or the HL2 357 Magnum.

    Shotguns Only: You may only use the HL2 Shotgun, DOOM 3 Shotgun or any M9K shotgun

    Black Powder Only: Only guns from the "American War of Independence" can be used.

    Assault Only: You can only use weapons from the M9K Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun sections

    HL2 Deathmatch: Only Half-Life 2 weapons can be used.

    TEAM: This can be compounded with other variants and adds a team aspect.
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