IMPORTANT: Guidelines on Video Recording and Streaming

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    If you plan to record any videos that will be posted on public websites (i.e YouTube) or you plan to stream while using any of the servers hosted by RageGaming you agree to the following terms. By simply recording you agree to follow the terms listed here and accept full responsibility for the content of the video.

    1.Limitations of Privacy
    By connecting to any RageGaming server as a player you understand that you may be recorded by other players. Recording is allowed and all players are liable for their actions during recording.

    If a staff member asks you or anyone recording to pause/stop recording because of an issue on the server you are to do so. While it shouldn't happen an issue may arise where we need to deal with it and we will request that all recording is halted until we can deal with it. Failure to pause or stop the recording and the video contains the section that we requested no recording of will violate these terms.

    2. Content

    General Content
    Videos for the purpose of causing trouble, foul or otherwise ill purposes will not be allowed. Additionally server staff will not make special exceptions for persons who are recording or streaming. Any violations of rules by the person recording and/or streaming will be handled in the same manner as all other violators. Even if it includes kicks or bans. You are not to claim RageGaming or any of the servers it runs as your own. You are not to pose as staff.

    RageGaming is not liable for the content of the video or stream. You, the person recording accept full liability for the contents of the video or stream. You also agree and understand that RageGaming is not responsible for any legal action taken against you for the contents of any media you record from our server.

    Copyrighted Content
    Some audio clips and other parts of RageGaming servers are protected under Copyright(s) but we use them under the "Fair Use" laws of the United States. If your video or stream is flagged/removed on the grounds of Copyright we are not responsible for it. That is on you as the person recording or streaming to be responsible for the content of your video and all files associated with it.

    Use of Hacks/Cheats
    If you use hacks and/or cheats in your video that were undetected by our Anti-Cheat system and the video is brought to the attention of management staff your video will be flagged and you will be banned from the server indefinitely.

    3. Rights of the video and its file(s)
    The video and its file will be the property of the recorder. RageGaming and its staff, people associated with it, and players or users of our servers claim no ownership over the video and file itself. The person(s) recording therefor understand that any action taken against them for the video or its content, be it legal or otherwise is on them as the recorder. RageGaming and its staff are not liable for the use of the video and any files associated with it. They are the sole property of the person(s) who recorded said video.

    4. Acceptance of Terms/Guidelines
    By recording a video featuring RageGaming (RG) and the servers managed and run by it you agree to these terms. If you violate any of them we hold the right to flag the video and request the removal of it from the site(s) or service(s) that it was posted/uploaded on or to.

    If you have any questions regarding these terms and what you can and cannot do then contact [RG]Rucksack on the forums or Discord for support.

    If at any time you break ANY of these guidelines for any reason RageGaming holds the right to file with the service the video was uploaded to a request for removal.
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