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    The following is an agreement between you, the person playing or accessing the content and RageGaming.

    In this RageGaming refers to the Garry’s Mod servers, forums, Discord and other related items owned and operated by Handeril and the people(s) affiliated with the operation of said services. When the word "you" is used it refers to the party using RageGaming's services.

    By connecting to RageGaming servers or using the RageGaming forums you agree and are expected to abide by the following terms and you understand restrictions and other limitations outlined in this agreement. Failure to do so will be punished according to the violation and punishment procedure for said rule. Or even beyond if RG Management (Ranks of Server Manager, Community Manager and Community Director) or Handeril deem it appropriate. These terms can be updated at anytime without prior notice should changes be small. Larger changes such as new additions or removal of additions will be announced.

    You agree and understand by playing on RageGaming's servers to:

    1. Follow all Rules listed in the specific server's rule post

    2. Obey all directions and redirection given by people, player or otherwise who are staff of the servers.

    3. You also understand that you do not have freedom of speech. If you at any time say that violates any server rules you will be punished accordingly. (see Community Rules on any server posting)

    4. You understand that you could be recorded at anytime for a variety of things including but not limited to; YouTube videos, RageGaming advertisement(s), and live streams.

    5. You understand that use of hacks or cheats are not allowed and will be dealt with in accordance to our rules.

    6. You agree that if at any time you break any terms laid out here or in other posts on the forum domain ( you may be subject to disciplinary actions. This includes but is not limited to things such as; removing your ability to talk/chat in game, being kicked or removed from a server, banned either temporarily or indefinitely from one or more of the servers managed by RageGaming.

    7. You understand and agree that when using the forums you will use it in a respectful manner and all "Community Rules" apply to the use of forums as well as any others laid out on forums domain.

    8. Your privacy is limited. If there is an event where server staff has a justified reason to believe you are using a 3rd party application's voice chat to break a server rule they hold the right to force your in game voice chat on. This feature will not be used otherwise and abuse is seen as a serious offense for staff.

    9.You agree that all information you share with RageGaming may be made known to it's staff for various reasons including but not limited to: Steam username, SteamID, known behavior on RG, history with RG, and donation status.

    10. You agree to the Donation Agreement ( and understand it's terms and conditions.

    11. You agree that you are responsible for your own actions and not the actions of others.

    12. You agree that if at anytime these terms are broken RageGaming reserves the right to execute any punishment as deemed fair by management or the owner.

    13. The "EXP System" used by RageGaming is an original system developed for this server. Copying of this code is illegal and distribution or use of it without authorization by RageGaming is punishable by law.

    14. You agree that your username will NOT be offensive in anyway that may violate any server or community rules.

    You as the player are responsible for understanding these terms and knowing what our rules are as noted both in this agreement and during periodic server-wide broadcasts with links and other information.

    RageGaming staff will uphold all players to these terms and your access to RageGaming forums, and the servers run by RageGaming may be restricted or terminated at any time by RageGaming staff should these terms be broken in any way.


    RageGaming and services it provides is not to be used to commit crimes. Should you use the service to commit any crime regardless of severity you alone are accountable for the activity. RageGaming and it’s affiliates will provide any required or requested evidence to the proper authorities in the event a crime is committed by a you or another player.

    Additionally should a member of RageGaming’s operation staff use the services to commit any crime RageGaming as a whole is not responsible for that person or persons actions and will provide any and all information as requested by proper authorities.

    Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse, Cyber Stalking and Other Related Crimes

    RageGaming is against harassment in any form, sexual, domestic or otherwise and we take this issue very seriously. Using RageGaming to perform actions such as sexual harassment, stalking, user harassment or other forms of harassment will result in your access to RageGaming being terminated in accordance with our server and community rules. If you are a victim of harassment through RageGaming you are encouraged to contact management. If at any time law enforcement requests evidence from our servers that could relate to these forms of crime RageGaming will comply and all evidence we have on file will be provided. In addition testimonies from RageGaming staff and management who were aware of the issue and knew of it, helped with the reporting or have any information on a case will be provided when needed.

    We define sexual harassment as; unwelcome sexual comments, detailed comments requesting sexual acts, comments that could be seen as sexual advances, comments or uses of commands to "force sexual acts" (i.e. use of RP commands such as /me or asterisk (*) comments in a sense that would be seen as in-game forcing sexual acts), unwelcome lewd comments about a person, other comments of a sexual nature that makes a person or person(s) feel uncomfortable.

    Cyberstalking is use of the internet and other electronic devices to follow a person in an unlawful manner. If you are jumping servers purposely following someone and they complain about it RageGaming staff will take action. If at any time law enforcement or other authorities request information from our staff we will provide it.

    We support a zero tolerance abuse and harassment policy. As such confirmed cases will result in a permanent ban. If legal action is required or requested it will be taken.
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