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    Steam ID:_0:0:178925145
    (Use its a tool that allows you to find youre steam id faster and easily.)
    Current Server Rank:Member
    In-game name:KelbyZ
    Time played(top right hand corner):3d 4h 38m
    (When filling out questions below please be detailed!Do not give us one sentence explenation)
    Reason for applying:I want to apply for staff on Rage Gaming because i think i could help these server.I had expirence with playing with other admi ns so i knew the rules and what type of punishment they deserve for that consiquence.
    Why should we accpet you?:I think you should accept me because i think i could help and if something happens i will be there to help.I want to help players that are new to these server and let them enjoy there time here.
    How often and how long are you on?:I'm on like 4-5 days a week.Im on about 3-4hrs a day.
    Are you bilingual?:I talk spanish and english
    Would you ever base a punishment solely on another players word?If so,under what circumstances?:Yes but i would check if they were doing it and i will need more prof and if i didnt see ill tell the other players that saw what happened.
    Discord Name(required):alexanderamos188
    Do you use voice chat?:yes if i need to
    Are you able to use correct grammer?:Yes,i do.

    Steam id example:
    *There is no age limit.
    *Youre server rank
    would be member,
    MVP,VIP, or any paid
    staff rank(NOT youre
    prestige and level).
    *You must have 25
    hours total or more on
    the server to apply.

    Make sure to fill out
    youre staff application
    with as much detail as
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