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    List of Current Staff Members of Rage Gaming's Minecraft server
    Due to the different nature of Minecraft the persons here will also have their rank on Gmod listed. Here on Minecraft there are 3 staff ranks Admins, Community Manager and Owners

    Owners of (USA) Rage Gaming:
    Community Owner
    [The Boss] Handeril
    Server Owner
    [Community Director] [RG]Rucksack

    Community Managers for (USA) Rage Gaming:

    [Community Manager] Luigisteve21

    Admins for (USA) Rage Gaming Minecraft:

    Gmod Co-Owner

    Prop Hunt: Helper
    Deathrun: Moderator

    SeKtoR Lin Kuei[Sek]/Inglord
    Prop Hunt: Helper
    Guess Who: Admin
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