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    This post is to help explain terms used on Murder.

    Innocent: Most players are innocent bystanders. Their job is to hide and not get killed.

    Detective: Another term for the bystander with a gun. Their job is to shoot the murderer.

    Murderer: The player(s) selected to wield a knife. Their job is to kill all other players.

    RDM: RDM is short for Random Death Match it means somebody killed a player for no reason. The killer is innocent and the victim is an innocent or the Murderer without any evidence proving they are the murderer.

    Admin/Staff/Moderator: These are people who have certain moderation abilities on the server. They handle autoslays for RDM, muting players, kicking or other actions against people causing issues.

    Manager: A person who is of a higher staff rank. Managers direct and coordinate things in the server(s).
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