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    Why do you want to become a developer for RageGaming?
    I would like to become a developer for RG because I am currently learning Java and Lua. Becoming a developer would help me get some much needed practice in on working with Lua. I am also majoring in Computer Science so my courses that I'll be taking are very programming/coding heavy so practice is always good. I have also seen that Tanuki has a lot on his plate and could use some help even if it is a small task that needs to be done.

    What previous programming/coding experience do you have?
    I have learned the very basics of how to program/code with Java and Lua.

    Have you ever been a developer for a community before? If yes, in what capacity did you perform?
    I have not been a developer before.

    How available are you on a day-to-day basis?
    Starting Monday (Jan. 14th), I will be available all-day Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends. Mondays and Fridays, I will be available after 12pm.

    Tell us about yourself:
    I am currently studying Computer Science and currently learning how to program/code using Java and maybe going into Cyber Security down the road. I am a slow learner at the start but once I understand what I need to do, I start picking it up quicker. I also work well with a team when I can bounce ideas of someone or get clarification on something that I'm not 100% sure on. I do what I am told needs to be done and if I'm stuck, I don't hesitate to ask for help.

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    CONGRATULATIONS! You have been accepted onto the rage gaming dev team.
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