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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Wilson6783 (Whaleson), Apr 3, 2018.

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    My first idea is having random mini game rounds like in Murder. An example would be on a recent server I played where they had a "Sanic round", a "1 hp round", ect. Ones I'd like implemented would be the "Sanic round" for new players to enjoy their new found speed, a "team battle" where props and hunters are randomly assigned to equal teams including both teams (Example: 1 prop+1 hunter Vs. 1 prop+1 hunter), A "1 hp round" where both teams start off with 1 hp (or your preference) or the opposite: a "500 hp round" where both teams have a 500 fixed hp (this can be adjusted as needed), and lastly I'd like a "fixed prop" round where props are assigned a random prop and cannot change (you can have it so that the hunters only have a fixed weapon such as a pistol).

    My second idea is one to counter the constant feeling of not wanting to use taunts to avoid getting found. I feel that most people don't want to use taunts or they'd get found. The flashlight glitch doesn't help either, and on top of that prop detect can find them even more easily. My proposal is that there should be a reward system for taunting. When the said amount of taunts are played, they should get something in return. Some examples would be: guns, points, exp, a congratz message in chat (or a pop up streak of taunts), or even just temporary speed. I honestly think that getting any of these rewards would make the rounds even more fun for people wanting something new.

    I would really appreciate it if these suggestions were taken into consideration when searching or pondering upon new ideas. I think they would increase the overall popularity of RG. Especially since a lot of new players don't have the equal playing field as more experienced players. Thank you for your time.

    -The Whale
    (Former DR Server Manager)
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    So issues with it; the “sanic round” we cannot properly do as the exp system overrides the global runspeed making it impossible to balance the speed out unless a management level staff is on to run a command. A 1 HP round unless management staff is on to do a command again, to all players is too risky. Again running the risk of the health boost effecting the hp value.

    Otherwise unless someone on management does that the only other way would be to have a cutom tailored system similar to MUs power rounds coded for RG.

    As for the set prop with the version of prop hunt we use I believe that might be impossible. Fixing the weapon may be possible however it can exploited due to the Pointshop weapon system.

    Reward system for taunting has been looked at and hasn’t been completely ruled out. Other things we’ve done include

    Converting pointshop points into exp, (beta on Purge)

    Updated pointshop (in beta on Purge)

    Map array and new votingr system to keep from repeating the meta maps too much and to allow maps available to vote for to be based on current player count.

    Other ideas we have tried but never got much feedback on were things like big hunter mode, zero gravity mode, like with if we were to do sanic or 1 hp however management level staff had to be online.

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