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    If someone is breaking server rules and a staff member is not on then copy the template section of this to report them. Make sure if it involves voice chat there is either video or audio recordings of it. If it is exploiting we need videos or screenshots of the exploit. For text chat screenshots are nice as well.

    ***If you are currently in-game with the player, type !request in chat so a staff member can immediately get on.
    ***Only use this if A) there are no admins on or B) If you don't think !request will get an admin on in time
    ***For actions please provide screenshots or videos/links to videos as evidence
    ***If it is for "speed or jump hacks" please refer to our EXP system before submitting a report

    (Copy Paste this into a new thread and post it under the "Reports" section for the server that the event occurred on)

    Name of player:
    Date/time of this event:
    Your steam ID:
    What happened:
    Violations you believe this player made:
    How can we contact you? (discord/skype):
    *Use complete sentences/grammar to the best of your abilities.

    (Using this or modifications of it will lead to an instant rejection)

    Name of player: Jon
    Date/time of this event: January 1st, 2017 12AMish
    Your steam ID: 0:0:12345678
    What happened: Jon was being incredibly rude to player who killed him. He would call them rude names or even wish death on them.
    Violations you believe this player made: Disrespecting others
    How can we contact you? (discord/skype): my discord is @EXAMPLE#1234
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