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    ***Are subject to change
    ***Repeats of offenses may result in more severe punishments!!!
    ***If you have an !warn active for 2 rules and get banned you will be banned for both and their lengths will stack!

    ***For Username violations you will be punished as such: asked to change username, kick if the name is not changed after 1 round (5 min), !warn, ban 6-16 hours
    ***All rules not counting the advertisement rule affect text hats!
    ***Make sure to read our Player Agreement for information on our Harassment Policy
    ***Rules are a bit more lax however they will be punished as noted here but a few more warnings will be given

    General Rules:
    1. Don't be a jerk
    If you are being mean to a person and they tell you to stop or they ask staff to tell you to stop, then just stop. Being mean in a jokingly way is okay as long as the person understands it's a joke.

    This includes sensitive topics like, but not limited to, rape and suicide. Usernames that target specific players in a disrespectful way are not allowed though.

    Harassment is a zero tolerance rule as defined in our Player Agreement as such it will be strict.

    Please note: Use of in server private messages can still be seen by management and staff, and harassment via PM is equally unacceptable.

    Punishments: Verbal/text warning, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick, !warn + !kick, 6 hour minimum ban.
    Punishments (Harassment): Verbal/Text warning, !kick, !warn + !kick, ban 24+ hours

    2. Do not mic/chat spam.
    Things such making noises, singing, or other things that annoy a majority of the team, count as mic spam. Text spam is repeated use of the same general phrase. Or multiple messages in short periods of time sometimes known as chat flooding.

    Chat messages, binds, or other chatbox based things being used repeatedly in a short time frame are effected by this rule.

    Please note: This includes stating a certain phrase players are annoyed by and misusing admin chat as a non-staff. Be courteous to others, and please don't use all-caps all the time, it's considered "yelling".

    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick, !warn, permanent gag/mute.

    3. No cheating/hacking/exploiting.
    In most cases our anti-cheat system will pick it up and automatically kick the offender. However, if the user continues to connect and be kicked by the anti-cheat, they will be punished accordingly.

    Exploiting is abusing things overlooked by map developers or other systems, such as glitches, clipping, EXP/Perk exploits, illegal spots, etc.

    Exploiting (General): Verbal/text warnings, !slay, !kick, !warn, 12 hour ban.

    Hacking/Cheating: If confirmed hacking/cheating, permanent ban.

    4. No racism/sexism.
    Do not put down anyone for being a certain race, ethnicity, and/or gender. Refrain from using "those words", slurs, and any stereotypical phrase that would be considered racist or sexist. Only you can safely check your privilege.

    Please Note: This includes being in one's username!

    Punishments: Verbal/text warning, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick, !warn, 16 hour ban.

    5. Don’t dispute punishments on the server.
    If you feel like a punishment was unfair, fill out an appeal/report it to management, on-server disputes will not be tolerated.

    Punishments for attempted on-server disputes: Verbal/text warnings, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick, !warn, 6-hour ban.

    6. Do not abuse the !request command
    Self-explantory rule, !request is designed for reports, not whatever nasty opinion you have of a staff member or player.

    Punishments: Verbal/text warning, !kick, + !warn, 24-hour ban.

    Server Specific Rules:
    1. Don't Idle

    don't just sit on the server and not play. Players who sit on unassigned OR Spectator without responding to warnings will be kicked after 15 minutes or sooner depending on total players.
    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings, !kick, !warn, ban 6-12 hours

    2. Don't beg for things like exp or points.
    Asking once for pointshop points is OK but do not ask multiple times for things. All perks and items can be earned in game through gameplay.
    Punishments: verbal/text warnings, mute/gag 15-30 min, !kick, !warn, ban 6-12 hours
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