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    ***Are subject to change
    ***Repeats of offenses may result in more severe punishments!!!
    ***All times are the maximum amount of time you may be punished for first offenses.
    ***Bans will not be issued for first time offenders unless staff feel there are extraordinary circumstances that warrant a ban or the user is cheating/hacking

    ***Our staff take a "hands off" approach to allow for players to enjoy themselves so unless you are cheating, directly breaking rules, or players are complaining staff are not required to get involved. However they may get involved at any time if rules are being broke.
    ***Staff are required to follow these rules just like all other players

    Community Rules:

    1. Do not disrupt the gaming environment

    1a. Don't be a jerk/nuisance, if players are complaining about your behavior be it in chat, in the mic or whatever just stop. If you fail to do so staff can and will take action against you. That being said, if said action is part of how the game actually goes this rule will not apply.

    1b. This also means we ask that all users respect one another. Do not go off arguing, insulting and so on to another user or users. If you have any nasty comments keep them to yourself, all it will do is cause a scene where you are likely to be banned.

    1c. Racism, Sexism, and so on directly pointed at another user is not acceptable cases like this will be handled with severe consequences.

    We do understand jokes, however, all people involved need to be "in on it". It's not a joke to us if we don't know it's a joke, so make sure the staff know!

    *Using offensive usernames to harass a player also falls under this rule.
    **Harassment via use of on-server private messages is equally unacceptable.

    Punishments: Verbal/text warning, gag/mute 15m, !kick, !warn + !kick, 6 hour ban.

    2. No cheating/exploiting. (General Cheating/Exploiting Rule)
    In most cases our anti-cheat system will pick up cheats and automatically kick the offender. However, if the offender bypasses the anti-cheat, they will be handled severely.

    Exploiting is abusing things overlooked by map developers or other systems, such as glitches, map clipping, EXP/Perk exploits, illegal spots, etc.

    Exploiting (General): Verbal/text warnings, !slay, !kick, !warn, 12 hour ban. Hacking/Cheating: Confirmed hacking/cheating will result in a permanent ban

    3. Do not advertise other GMod servers/other communities. (Advertising Rule)
    We ask that other players do not advertise communities on our server. That being said discussing others is okay. Do not actively encourage others to join another server though.

    *"Clan tags" are allowed. Examples: “[RG] Rucksack”, “[CG] Averion”, similar, and etc.

    ** ONLY FOR OFFICIALLY-ALLIED COMMUNITIES LISTED BELOW! For "Allied Communities", please be mindful of our traffic. We need players too!

    Allied Communities: None

    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings, gag/mute 15m, !kick, !warn, 12 hour ban

    4. Do not evade bans/dodge punishments.
    If you are gagged/muted do not reconnect to remove the gag or mute.If you are a donator with certain permissions do not use them to undo punishments given to you or other players. If you feel as if or if someone is abusing their powers as staff or as a donor with permissions we encourage you to contact management. You will not get in trouble for reporting what you suspect as abuse.

    Punishments: If about to be punished 6 hour ban, if about to be banned add 6 hours to the ban

    5. Do not backseat moderate
    If you are not staff do not get involved if staff are dealing with something unless asked, if you are not staff do not try to tell others they are breaking rules. Do not attempt to impersonate a member of our staff. Finally we ask that you don't dispute punishments in public on the server if you wish to do so we ask that you do so in private with the admins.

    Remember all of our admins have rank tags next to their names as well being listed in our forums. If someone is not on said list you do not have to listen to them!

    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings, gag/mute 30m, !kick, !warn, 6-hour ban

    6. Do not idle
    Don't just sit in a spectating team, or stand in one area (unless you are hiding when appropriate). If you are spectating please try and tell staff you are still there.

    AFK Hunters will be slain at 1:50.
    AFK Props will be slain at 2:30.

    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings during round, !slaynr at end of round for one round, !slaynr 2, !warn, ban 12 hours

    7. Do not tell others to leave the server
    Rage Gaming Prop Hunt is a public server that anyone can join. Do not make others feel unwelcomed just because you want to play with your friends or for any other reason.


    If the player isn't vulgar: verbal/textual warning, kick, !warn, ban 24 hours
    If the player is vulgar: verbal/textual warning, !warn/kick, ban 48 hours

    Non-vulgar group: Everyone in on it gets a warning, members of the group that continue are kicked, then !warn, then ban 48 hours
    Vulgar Group: Everyone in on it gets a warning, members of the group that continue get a !warn/kick, then ban 72 hours

    Note: If a player does continue, but they weren't vulgar before and are now vulgar about it, they will be punished according to the vulgar punishments. The same applies for members of a group doing it.

    Server Specific Rules:

    1. Teamswapping has a cost (Teamswapping Rule)

    If you are split from your friends and are on opposite teams, you may teamswap.

    If regret your decision, you may forfeit a round unless you “slayed yourself” (Meaning you killed yourself in-game to switch back).

    Further swaps are not allowed, and getting autobalanced does not nullify this rule.

    *tl;dr - You only get 1 free swap per map, and 1 "cost swap". It still counts even if you get autobalanced back, so use them wisely!

    *Team-swapping just to ghost is not allowed, and will likely get you gagged/muted

    punishments: verbal/text warning, slay, kick, ban 12 hours.

    2. Do not ghost (Ghosting Rule)
    Ghosting is defined as actively giving away a players location or what a prop is, as a dead hunter or dead prop in a way that other hunters can hear it. Such as a dead prop using the server wide text chat or a dead hunter just using any form of communication to ghost. This includes third party items like Skype or Discord.

    Please note: Hunters are allowed to mention what they saw when they died, but they may not actively relay current prop locations/actions.

    *False-ghosting is O.K. to an extent, however, using “false-ghosting” to cover real ghosting will result in a more severe punishment!

    If you give yourself away, it’s not ghosting, and that’s your own fault.

    Punishments: Verbal/text warning, gag/mute until next map, !kick, !warn, permanent gag/mute + 8-hour ban

    3.Do not prop/body block. (Blockage Rule - Prop Hunt)
    Prop blocking is using props to block doorways or entries to areas making it difficult to access or completely inaccessible.

    Body Blocking is intentionally standing in a doorway while it's closed to keep it from opening as a hunter and/or, as a prop, to trap other props inside or prevent people from coming in/out.

    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings, !slay, !slay at beginning of next round, !kick, !warn, 12-hour ban.



    ***By playing on this server, you agree to our Player Agreement
    ***If you think you or another player were banned incorrectly, go here

    ***For a list of current staff, go here
    ***For a list of illegal spots, go here
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