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    This post is to help explain terms used in Prop Hunt.

    Prop: The team who's job is to become random props in the map and hide from Hunters.

    Hunters: The other team who's job is to find and kill the props by shooting them.

    Nuke: another name for the SMG grenade.

    Noob Tube: Another name for the SMG grenade.

    Ghost/Ghosting: The act of revealing information with players while dead or spectating that they wouldn't otherwise know. (i.e. saying where a prop is as a prop or a dead hunter)

    Autorekt/Autoswapped: A term that refers to a player being automatically swapped to the other team for balance. Normally occurs when a team has 2 more players than the other.

    Juke/Juked/Jukes: A term meaning to avoid or evade. Normally meaning a prop is running around evading gunfire from the hunters.

    Admin/Staff/Moderator: These are people who have certain moderation abilities on the server. They handle autoslays for RDM, muting players, kicking or other actions against people causing issues.

    Manager: A person who is of a higher staff rank. Managers direct and coordinate things in the server(s).
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