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    Some punisments can be confusing for some so this will explain all of the basic punishments for violating server rules.

    Verbal or Text Warning: a warning issued in the text chat or through voice chat telling the offender they are violating server rules. This may include binds which will normally have a color text effect to them in most cases red or rainbow

    Gag*: revokes the offender's ability to use voice chat. Can still use text chat.

    Mute*: removes the offender's ability to use text chat. Can still use voice chat

    Slay: force kills the offender, they will be able to play the following round. On sandbox used to revoke a mass RDMer of their weapons in order to send a message

    Kick: force disconnects the offender from the server.

    !warn: use of the awarn command to document the offense to later issue a ban if necessary. Issued along with a final kick

    Ban: use of the ulx banid command. This force disconnects the offender and makes it so they cannot connect to the server under that account until the time limit on the ban is up. In extreme cases permanent bans or ip bans will be used. Since this does it by STEAM ID the offender cannot just change usernames and then come back.

    Slaynr/Aslay (Murder and TTT Only, TTT Only):
    offender will be slain automatically at the beginning of the round for the amount of rounds as set by the staff issuing the punishment. Leaving the game while you have a slaynr active will result in an automatic ban by the server (Murder) and is ban-worthy on TTT. On TTT, aslay and aslayid can be used to store the number of slays the person needs. If a person leaves while there are still rounds remaining, they will be slayed upon return for that many rounds.

    Forceswap (Prop Hunt Only): force changes the offender to the other team, admins may do this at times as well as we require 1 admin per team minimum

    Tp/Teleport: moves the offender to the location designated by the staff member using the command. Generally used in PH for props in illegal spots and players that are stuck.

    Jail (Sandbox only): makes it impossible to move. Used if a player is causing issues during events on Sandbox. Revoked after 5 minutes

    *Gags and mutes are active normally for 15-30 minutes and the admin is required to unmute or ungag the player when that time is up. However mutes and gags are dismissed when the map changes and Murder if an rtv changes the map. However if the staff feel like the time between the mute or gag and the map change was not enough the player will be gagged again at the start of the next map. If you are still gagged after 30 minutes please submit an !request or fill a staff report on forums.
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