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    Greetings! We on the Rage Gaming Management Team want to hear from the community (aka YOU). We have created this survey to gather information on how everyone feels when on Rage Gaming so that we can find out weaknesses and improve on them.

    The goal of the survey is to better our staff team and community so that more players will be willing to join and will stay around for a while. It will only take a few minutes and best of all your answers will be anonymous meaning we won't know who sent what only what people are saying!

    This form will be used at different times to look for change. So at times we will close it for a few weeks or so then open it back up for input again. This will allow for better data

    The current status is: CLOSED

    If you would just go here and fill this out we would be more than happy to hear from you! https://goo.gl/forms/94z9IQnb7C6cxjrK2
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