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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by luigisteve21, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. luigisteve21

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    Dec 12, 2016
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    Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:105838373

    *Age: 16

    *Current Server Rank:Member

    In-game name:Reinhard Heydrich

    Time played (top right corner):1 week 21 hours

    Reason for applying: Only staff I have seen in the past 3 days was someone who bought co owner and was on for maybe 15 minutes. Another reason is the server bugs out and new rounds are unable to start. No one is there to force a map change or restart the server so it goes 40 minutes with people joining and leaving.

    Why should we accept you: You should accept me because of the little to no staff active on the murder server. For the past few days I have been playing and enjoying but seldomly there are a few rule breaks. I am also a long time player. The only real evidence of it is my memory and one warn for several RDM back in 2015. A few staff I remember from this time are Doug, Kaneki Ken and, Luis Garmenta. Also the previous owner Matt. Since I saw the revamp I chose to come back and see what has happened to the server for the time I missed.

    Are you bilingual? If yes what language(s) besides English do you speak?: Yes I can speak Canadian French

    How often you get on and how long: Once everyday for 3-7 hours.

    Would you ever base a punishment solely on another players word? If so, under what circumstances?: I would never take word for it unless there is evidence like a recording that shows of the rule being broken. I wouldn't even trust screenshots due to them being stagged in favour of another person.

    Discord Name (Required) (make sure to include your 4 digit identifier): Injectable Weeds#2182

    Do you use voice chat?:Yes.

    Are you able to use correct grammar?:Yes.

    Additional information: Even if I do not get accepted I plan to keep playing on the RAGE servers because I like the concept of perks and it makes for an enjoyable experience.
  2. [RG]Rucksack

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    I regret to inform you that your application has been DENIED staff do not feel like you are ready for the position. Issues brought up are your lack of maturity and on server behavior. Do not let this discourage you please continue to play and make an impression on the staff and try again. You may reapply in a week (July 31st).
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