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    **NOTE: This is a temporary system for ONLY Prop Hunt: Purge! Players can only become staff through applications on the other servers!**

    Prop Hunt: Purge staff can nominate players to become staff. If a staff member wishes for a player to become staff, staff can submit a proposal to management.

    Certain guidelines must be met:
    - Player must actually want to be staff
    - Player must have no less than 10 hours on the server
    - Proposals must meet certain criteria:
    1. What is their in-game name and Steam ID?
    2. Why would this person be good as staff?
    3. What is this person like? Describe their personality.
    4. Have they caused any problems on the server?
    5. Does this player have experience being staff on another server?
    6. How active is this player?
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