The PH Map Array, and You.

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    Greetings! If you're reading this, then you're interested in how our version of ShoutVote works.

    No, I didn't steal it or distribute it, no worries or need to be concerned.

    The "PH Map Array" is an extension to ShoutVote, allowing it to actively-detect how many players are on, vs how many players we think a map can support.

    However, with these improvements, comes some changes. ShoutVote only displays 20 maps at a time, along with that, certain maps need a certain amount of players to even have a chance of appearing in the vote.

    ShoutVote also introduces a cooldown system, meaning that it may be harder to cycle through the same maps. We hope you're at least a little adventurous, it'll come in handy. :p

    On the bright side, however, smaller maps will disappear as more people get on, and the bigger (and probably more familiar) maps will start appearing.

    We mainly introduced this as a means of encouraging exploration, and we may even add rewards for it soon. :) [It's a heck of a lot better than trying to find a way to punish for picking the same maps, am I right?]

    Nonetheless, best of luck, and happy hunting!

    ~Handeril, Owner of Rage Gaming
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