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    ***Are subject to change
    ***Rust is vastly different from Gmod so the General Rules have been modified check the punishments!
    ***Repeats of offenses may result in more severe punishments!!!
    ***If you have an !warn active for 2 rules and get banned you will be banned for both and their lengths will stack!

    ***For Username violations you will be punished as such: asked to change username, kick if the name is not changed after 1 round (5 min), !warn, ban 6-16 hours
    ***Make sure to read our Player Agreement for information on our Harassment Policy as it applies on RUST as well.

    General Rules:
    1. Do not harass other players in an intended/mean/disrespectful manner.
    If you are being mean to a person and they tell you to stop or they ask staff to tell you to stop, then just stop. Being mean in a jokingly way is okay as long as the person understands it's a joke.

    This includes sensitive topics like, but not limited to, rape and suicide. Usernames that target specific players in a disrespectful way are not allowed though.

    Please note: Use of in server private messages can still be seen by server staff, and harassment via PM is equally unacceptable.

    Punishments: text warning, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick (2x), 6 hour ban.

    2. Do not mic/chat spam.
    Things such making noises, singing, or other things that annoy a majority of the team, count as mic spam. Text spam is repeated use of the same general phrase.

    Chat messages, binds, or other chatbox based things being used repeatedly in a short time frame are effected by this rule.

    Please note: This includes stating a certain phrase players are annoyed by and misusing admin chat as a non-staff. Be courteous to others, and please don't use all-caps all the time, it's considered "yelling".

    Punishments: text warnings, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick (x2), permanent gag/mute.

    3. No cheating/hacking/exploiting.
    In most cases our anti-cheat system will pick it up and automatically kick the offender. However, if the user continues to connect and be kicked by the anti-cheat they will be punished accordingly.

    Exploiting is abusing things overlooked by map developers or other systems, such as, glitches, clipping, EXP/Perk exploits, illegal spots, ect.

    RUST NOTE: Rust has been linked to 3 anticheat databases made for Rust and general game offenses. RustAdminDB being one of them. If you are kicked or banned for "Anticheat Reason 5", "Anticheat Reason 6",or "Anticheat Reason 7" your IP was logged at some point in one of these databases. As such the bans will NOT be lifted for ANY reason.

    -[RG]Rucksack, Community Director/Rust server owner

    Exploiting (General): text warnings, !kick (x2), 12 hour ban.

    Hacking/Cheating: If confirmed hacking/cheating, permanent ban.

    4. Do not advertise other gmod servers/other communities.
    This would be posting things like chat messages or using voice chat to encourage other players to join another server in Gmod or another server group/community whether it's of similar gamemodes or not.

    Please Note:

    Clan tags are allowed. Examples: “[RG] Rucksack”, “[CG] Averion”, similar, and etc.

    Punishments: text warnings, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick(x2), 12 hour ban.

    5. No racism/sexism.
    Do not put down anyone for being a certain race, ethnicity, and/or gender. Refrain from using "those words", slurs, and any stereotypical phrase that would be considered racist or sexist. Only you can safely check your privilege.

    Please Note: This includes being in one's username!

    Punishments: Verbal/text warning, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick(x2), 16 hour ban.

    6. Do not post inappropriate sprays.
    Things such as pornographic content, text sprays that violate other rules or other things that may offend players are considered "inappropriate".

    Punishments: Verbal/text warnings, !kick, !warn, 16 hour ban.

    7. Do not impersonate other players.
    This rule regards intentionally changing your name to appear as someone you’re not as a means to annoy and/or appear as said “person”.

    Please note: If the other person doesn't care, this rule does not come into effect. Also, if a name is common on the server and 2 players have it then it is not breaking this rule.


    Non-staff to non-staff: Verbal/text warnings, !kick, 24 hour ban.
    Non-staff to staff: Verbal/text warnings, !kick, 36 hour ban.
    Staff to non-staff: Verbal/text warning + strike, 24-36 hour ban with demotion
    Staff to staff: Verbal/text warning + strike, 24-36 hour ban with demotion, 36-48 hour ban and fired

    8. Do not evade bans/dodge punishments.

    Evading/dodging includes: Disconnecting then reconnecting while muted/gaged, using paid rank (or even hired rank) powers to ungag or other ways of avoiding things.

    Punishments: If about to be punished 6 hour ban, if about to be banned add 6 hours to the ban

    9. Stay out of an admin's business.
    If staff are dealing with a situation, and did not directly ask for your input, please stay out of it. If staff need your help and/or input in a situation, they will ask you.

    Punishments: text warnings, gag/mute 30m, !kick(x2), 6-hour ban

    10. Please use English, unless it's a basic phrase.
    Smaller phrases such as greetings are allowed. On larger phrases, if a staff asks you to translate, then please do so.

    Use of other languages to bypass other rules will result more-severe punishments!

    11. Don’t dispute punishments on the server.
    If you feel like a punishment was unfair, fill out an appeal/report it to management, on-server disputes will not be tolerated.

    Punishments for attempted on-server disputes: text warnings, gag/mute 10-15m, !kick(x2), 6-hour ban.

    12. Do not beg for items.
    All items can be earned. Admins will not hand out items because you beg for them. Asking once or twice is one thing but if you keep asking you will be punished. This may also count to the spamming rule depending on the method of begging.

    Punishments: text warnings, !gag/!mute for 15 minutes, gag/mute for 30 minutes !kick(x2), ban 24 hours,

    13. Do not encourage rule breaking

    Encouraging others to break the rules is just as bad as breaking them yourself. If they end up breaking the rule (or you say in general and someone does) you will be punished along with them. Even if they don’t, you will still be punished accordingly.

    Punishments: Verbal/Text warning, mute/gag 15-30 minutes, kick, !warn, permanent mute + gag

    14. Do not Grief

    Griefing has many definitions that are already covered by other rules. This rule is for breaking multiple rules within a set time frame of 30 min. If you surpass the verbal/text warning on up to 3 or more rules then you are then considered to be "Griefing" and this rule comes into effect.

    Please Note: This includes excessive team-swapping for all servers that the rule applies to.

    Another note: Breaking multiple chat rules and being muted for one will count as being muted for all and if it's more than 3 this rule will trigger.

    IMPORTANT: Breaking ANY of the rules after a grief !warn is issued OR surpassing a verbal/text warn on a different rule automatically applies the first ban of this rule

    Punishments: !warn (All three offenses filed as "Griefing"), 24-48 hour ban, 3-7 day ban, permanent ban

    Server Specific Rules:
    1. Do not Target other players
    This would be things like purposely killing one player over and over again, raiding the same player repeatedly, or other actions with the intent to annoy or cause one specific player's progress to be stopped.

    Please note: This doesn’t mean killing people isn’t allowed you just cannot repeatedly kill the same player.

    Punishments: warnings, weapon item confiscation, slay, kick, ban 12 hours

    2. No exploitation of mechanics
    Rust is in alpha and it has bugs however abusing these bugs is not allowed. If you are caught using one you will be punished

    Punishments: Text warnings, kick, ban 12 hours

    3. Do not kill "fresh spawns"
    New players are supposed to have a 30 minute protection period after joining. If you manage to kill them during this period you will be violating this rule as if it was exploiting.

    Punishments: Text warnings, kick, ban 12 hours

    4. Do not stay idle for too long.
    Our server only has room for 25 players. If you are idling for any reason you will be removed from the server.

    Punishments: Warnings, kick after 15 minutes, ban 8-12 hours

    IMPORTANT: Continued offenses after the first ban will be counted towards the “Greifing” rule.

    5. Do not place defenses outside of your build
    Don't place things like turrets, barriers, mines, ect outside your build parameters to do so will result in punishments.

    punishments: warnings, turret build removal and kick, ban 6-24 hours
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