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    This thread helps explain terms used in our TTT server. Some are general and others are gamemode specific.

    Traitor: The Traitor is the player(s) who is/are supposed to kill all other players without being killed.

    Innocent: A player who is innocent. Most players are this role. Your job is to not be killed by the Traitor and help discover who the Traitor is.

    Detective: A player who when present marks there is at least 2 or more Traitors. There can be a max of 3 or 4 on our server. The more Detectives the more Traitors there are. They have access to a DNA scanner, some Traitor weapons and a health station that players can use to heal.

    short for Traitor.

    Inno: Short for Innocent

    D/Detec: short for the Detective(s)

    KOS: Short for Kill on Sight. If a player is labeled as Kill on Sight it means they have performed an action that warrants a Kill on Sight. They can be things like shooting another player, entering the Traitor room, holding a Traitor weapon and more. See the rules page for more info on KOS actions.

    Discombob/Discom: Short for Discombobulator or the normal explosive grenade.

    Fire: normally short for the fire grenade or can mean the player is quite literally on fire.

    Swapper: The position swapper Traitor weapon. If a player says they were swapped that means a Traitor swapped positions with them. Normally this is done over areas that can kill or used to get out of sticky situations.

    RDM: RDM is short for Random Death Match it means somebody killed a player for no reason. The killer is innocent and the victim is an innocent who isn't labeled for KOS or a Traitor who has not been proven to be the Traitor.

    Tester: Some maps have a testing chamber or location that will tell you if a player is a T or not. Keep in mind players are not required to test and if they don't want to it doesn't mean you can kill them for it.

    Trap: Things some maps have that are used by the T's to kill innocents or to their advantage. Only T's can see the triggers however if activated a KOS can be called on them if there is enough evidence to prove they were the ones to trigger it.

    Proven: An innocent player proven innocent. This is done with 2 negative (Innocent) Tester results.

    DR: Short of Dead Ringer. A Traitor weapon that acts like the Dead Ringer used by the Spy Class in Team Fortress 2. When hit the player who has it active fakes death and goes invisible for a short period before it has to recharge.

    Revive/Second Chance: An ability bought by the Traitors or Detecs that gives them a chance to be given a second life after they are killed. They lose all equipment and can choose to respawn on their corps or on a map set spawn point.

    Admin/Staff/Moderator: These are people who have certain moderation abilities on the server. They handle autoslays for RDM, muting players, kicking or other actions against people causing issues. You can find our current server staff here anyone ranked Admin+ can also restart the server should the game glitch or for any other reason that requires a server restart.

    CO: Short for Co-Owner a high level donation rank. Co-Owners have custom rank names (i.e. GOD, The Nobody, ect.) and some moderation commands such as mute/gag, kick, aslay ect. While they are not hired staff they do have permission to issue punishments for misconduct. If they are caught abusing their powers they will be taken away. If you believe this has happened please contact a hired staff member ASAP so it may be dealt with.

    Manager: A person who is of a higher staff rank. Managers direct and coordinate things in the server(s). They also have additional permissions and commands for high level moderation.
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