Welcome to Prop Hunt: PURGE!

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    - Server Greeting -
    Welcome to Prop Hunt: PURGE!
    On this server, there is significantly less rules than normal. Essentially being a "venting" server for some of the insanity. What rules are still enforced are stored in the rules tab of the MOTD. We only put the reduced rules in order to sort of do "damage control" or just prevent people from ruining the fun 24/7.

    This is the only Rage Gaming server currently featuring Pointshop 2, please report bugs in our suggestions channel, on Discord. Other experimental projects may be tested here.

    - Staff Protocol Info -

    "General Rules" and "House Rules", the differences:

    "General Rules" are the rules listed here: http://ragegaming.net/Forums/threads/prop-hunt-purge-rules.507/#post-865

    Violations of these rules can lead up to bans, at worse, and are enforced by all staff.
    "House Rules" are rules set in place by individual staff, and may not be banned for, or perma-gagged for. These rules are only enforced by said staff member when they are on the server.

    *Must be documented in "House Rules" thread before being enforced!

    - These rules may be disregarded at the user's own risk. -

    Both "hired staff" and "paid staff" may enforce a house rule.

    - Gamemode Info -

    Press F1 to change teams or RTV. Beware of autobalance!

    Press F3 to taunt.

    Press F4 to access the Taunt and Prop Menus. (Donators)

    Press F6 to access the Pointshop.

    Press F7 to access the EXP System.
    - Every 25-increment level allows you to "Prestige" to gain +5 possible upgrade levels to all skills.

    !buy allows you to buy up to 9 extra grenades.

    (TEMPORARY) !rpg allows you to buy an RPG with up to 2 rockets.

    - Closing Statements -

    Rage Gaming management reserves the right to close Prop Hunt: Purge if the environment of the server becomes more harmful than helpful to the community.

    With that out of the way, godspeed fellow players!

    Handeril, Owner of Rage Gaming.
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