What are RGV maps, or CM maps?

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    In short, RGV stands for "Rage Gaming Version".

    Disclaimer!: Map Authors do still retain credit over their works, and these are just unofficial edits to maps and/or versions of "CS-S Maps" that don't require CS-S. We only take credit for any edits made to the map, by us, specifically for use on the server. The use of the _rgv extension is so map authors can retain the freedom to name their maps incrementally (like _v3 -> _v4) without any concern of breaking our system. These maps do not appear in the Steam Workshop, and are exclusive to our FastDL system.

    Map authors can contact me (Handeril) if they are interested in uploading our edit as an official map version.

    In short, CM, in the context of a map, stands for "Community Made".

    Disclaimer!: Map Authors still retain credit of the base map, and these maps are not available via workshop.

    Community-made maps are rare variants of maps in which we, as a community, did various edits to the map via a livestream. These versions are only "for the fun of it", and are not designed to replace the original, hence the "_cm" extension.

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