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    Hello, I am your current Community Director Rucksack, or Ruck to many. I am guessing you want to know more about RageGaming staff? Well you have come to the right place. This thread explains what staff is, the benefits and what your expected to do.


    Staff are the players, users, people whatever you want to call them who have certain powers on each server to help ensure rules are being followed, help new players learn the game, and support a fun and engaging atmosphere for all players.

    Being a staff member has it's perks. All staff members on top of having certain administrative powers also have access to a lot of cool perks. For example;

    • Access to all VIP/MVP donation ranks perks
    • Reserved slot (As long as no more than 3 staff, paid admin, or Co-Owners are on)
    • Access to special Discord staff only channels
    • Opportunities to make great friends and meet new people
    • Give extra input of what can be done to improve RageGaming
    • Learn some cool things you may not have known from server veterans
    • and more!

    Staff are not expect to do much. Honestly it's simple;

    • maintain normal attendance on the server(s) they are staff on
    • abide by staff guidelines and rules as well as all server rules
    • set a good example for others to follow
    • assist other players
    • enforce rules
    • a few other small things I am not at liberty to discuss but don't worry they're not bad or hard to do

    To apply you first need to meet a few requirements

    • meet a total time requirement on the server you wish to apply for (current staff can help you with this)
    • have basic knowledge of the rules and gamemode
    • willing to be called upon to help and deal with situations as they arise
    If you meet all of them then you can go to the Staff Applications Thread under the server you are interested in and post an app or contact me or another Manager on the forums, Discord or Steam for help. After you apply staff will vote and decide whether you are a good candidate for staff.

    I personally encourage you to at least consider joining RageGaming staff. As a staff member for over a year I can say it's a lot of fun if you enjoy RageGaming and it's servers. I have met a lot of friends and even recruited some of my own to be members of the community.

    Our staff members are honest to god good people. When dealing with troublemakers they may seem like they're not but if you get to know them on grounds outside of when they're "working" you'll soon learn we're all like one big happy family.
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