25% off Sale, and Co-Owner++ GIVEAWAY?!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Handeril, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't heard it already, we have a sale and a giveaway simultaneously going on at the same time!

    Here's my original announcement, with a few edits, if you are not currently part of our Discord already:

    Anyone who has bought MVP or higher in the month of June in 2017 thus far has earned a "ticket" to win Co-Owner++ for RG.

    During the current sale, buying MVP or higher can earn you a "ticket" to win this amazing prize!

    The raffle winner will be announced between July 13th - July 15th (Hopefully)

    Already purchased your MVP before now? No problem!

    Purchasing MVP across multiple servers DOES give you multiple votes!

    Purchasing ranks for other players WILL give you the option to "split" the rank with them for server-specific Co-Owner, give the whole vote, or take the vote for yourself.

    [Must note who you are on purchase in "Note to Merchant" with "Split", "Give" or "Take"]

    Good luck to all of you, and enjoy the Summer Madness Sale!

    [Eligible Packages are as follows: MVP, MVP + 50 levels, Staff, Staff++, Co-Owner, Co-Owner++]

    By the way, if you're Co-Owner++ already getting it for others, or bought Co-Owner++ during the sale, you get to pick who gets it when you win (In the event you do).

    (All current RG Staff are also eligible to earn tickets for this giveaway, so no worries.)

    If you are not part of our Discord, and would like to join us, here's an invite link:


    Need our donation site link? Here it is:


    The sale ends on July 13, 2017.

    Happy Summer Madness! :p

    - Handeril, Owner of Rage Gaming (USA)
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