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    ***If the ban is less than 36 HOURS it will NOT be appealed
    ***If you were wrongly banned use this
    ***Fake appeals/entertainment appeals can result in punishments

    After you post the appeal server staff will look over it and vote on it if the requirements for an appeal are met. If they are not you will be informed. Appealing for a ban that is less than 36 hours while it will not be appealed you will also not be punished for posting an appeal. This is due to the time it can take for staff to review and deliberate. That being said if the ban was wrongful while the ban may not be lifted it will not count against you and proper discipline will be taken for the one who issued the ban. If you are for whatever reason contact a Community Manager about the issue.

    NOTE: copying or using the example (not the template) from this post will result in an instant denial. Also if the appeal is for or for entertainment purposes you may be punished for it.

    Your steam ID:
    Staff who banned you:
    Reason for ban:
    Approximate time of ban:
    *Use complete sentences/grammar to the best of your abilities.
    Your plea/Why you think you were wrongfully banned:
    Additional Information:

    Your steam ID: 0:0:12345678
    Staff who banned you: [RG]Rucksack
    Reason for ban: Evading Punishment
    Approximate time of ban: 6 hours
    Your plea: He muted me because I was sending a chat link to my youtube channel for the video I was recording every few seconds and then he muted me so I quit and returned after to remove the mute. He ruined my great youtube video!
    Additional Information: This staff member needs to be fired
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