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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Crewsette, May 14, 2017.

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    I recently joined the Murder server to play a little bit and I came across an issue. The issue is being killed while chatting (you know, when your arm is obviously up when your chat is open). I was killed while I was trying to answer a players question about my rank, which isn't fixed, on the server. The whole reason they asked is because it says "New Co"(not the point). But I was killed and I couldn't answer that players question. I had asked this player not to kill me while chatting with another play(arm up). This person, a moderator pretty much replied, " I can kill whoever, whenever I want." Something along those lines. So hoping that they would have some ounce of human decency, I continued to play and when another question was brought up in chat, about how to key bind. I told them, but they asked another question right after, and as I was typing to answer their question, I was the same moderator. Then when I go to complain about it, they tell me to use admin chat. Yeah...I can use admin chat and yes, that person can see admin chat...but this is besides the point.

    1. Admin chat shouldn't be used for normal conversation. It should be used for things that staff deal with or things that normal players shouldn't see. It shouldn't be a go-to chat when I die. I shouldn't have to use that chat at all unless it is seriously necessary.
    2. Not everyone has access to staff chat. What if a player isn't a part of staff, they aren't going to be able to see that chat. If the player I was trying to answer was some regular player(non-staff). They would have probably felt ignored? Since i didn't see this mod trying to help answer another staff member's questions. That's pretty much what would have happened...

    I'm suggesting that a rule be added to protect people that are chatting. I can understand where this rule may have faults, where the player could spam opening chat. But at least the moderator could have had some decency when we were playing so I could answer these people's questions. I'm not salt about dying, that's bound to happen since I suck at Murder, but when you're trying to have a conversation and having to retype your thoughts after you died trying to do get's kinda annoying and I feel disrespected because I pretty much asked them not to do it again and let me finish what I have to say before they kill me, and they killed me anyway. Btw, the moderator was sunkirst.
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    There is the psay command for this (!p in chat) and if it is used to ghost or break rules staff will know. You are correct on the use of asay. Additionally it is possible to make chat rooms for you and your friend(s) or people you are chatting with that your status of being alive or dead will not affect. Once again admins can see this chat as well since we can still see the messages through the admin site. There are methods to continue to tell people things when you are dead.

    As for the mod's actions if you feel the need then you may fill out a report for the staff member. Or you may contact a Community Manager on Discord about it since there is no MU Server Manager at this time.

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