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    Jan 31, 2018
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    (When filling out the questions below please be detailed! Do not give us a one-sentence explanation.)

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:78237281
    (Use http://steamidfinder.com/ it's a tool that allows you to find your steam ID quickly and easily.)

    *Age: I am currently 16

    *Current Server Rank: MVP

    In-game name: Furious George

    Time played (top right corner): over 24 hours

    (When filling out the questions below be detailed and descriptive. Otherwise, your application may be denied automatically)

    Reason for applying? (If you are reapplying from being staff before, why were you no longer staff? Explain.) my reasons for applying are as follows I really love this server a lot I have been playing for a while and I feel I can contribute I want to help by punishing rule breakers and just to contribute to the community as a whole this server has a lot of potential and is pretty popular and I would be able to get on when no other staff are on and just make sure no ones breaking rules or being bad

    Why should we accept you?: I feel that you should accept me because I have been staff before on a test server before and I know the commands really well I feel I can contribute by just being on when there is no other staff another thing is that I can help new players

    How often you get on and how long: usually about 45 mins ish almost every day

    Are you bilingual? If yes, what language(s) besides English can you speak?: no

    Would you ever base a punishment solely on another players word? If so, under what circumstances?: no, i would not I would take it into consideration and maybe monitor the player that they said the things about but unless I have proof being a screenshot or video then no I would not ever base a punishment on another's word

    Discord Name (Required) (make sure to include your 4 digit identifier) :FuriousGeorge69#8538

    Do you use voice chat?: yes

    Are you able to use correct grammar?: yes I am I can spell just about anything

    Additional information:

    * Questionnaire
    *You may look up answers on the forums as needed, but DO NOT ask any staff members for answers.
    1) At what time is a prop slain for remaining T-pose? At which point are Hunters slain for being AFK? 1:50 for a hunter 2:30 for a t-posing prop
    2) List 3 illegal spots and which maps they are on. under the green car on Ph_Gas Station,2nder fridge on the island house,3 ph_pirate_ship jumping into the water repeatedly
    3) Name 4 staff members and their ranks. 1. skyllamma head admin, 2 sektor admin, 3 rucksack community director, 4 handerill owner
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    I'm sorry, but your application has been DENIED. The staff feel that you haven't been active enough to be good staff. In addition, while you did list things correctly, they were outdated. That includes saying Sektor is Admin, which he resigned a while back. Finally, I did give you a chance to edit your application for grammar and clarity, and you didn't take that chance. That made your application difficult for staff to read and understand. Don't let all of this discourage you. You may reapply no earlier than 2/9/18 at 10:50 PM CST, and if you decide to try again, take some of these into consideration. Us staff are always willing to help, but you have to put in the effort to ask for help. Thank you.
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