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Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Qwertesin, Jan 24, 2019.

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  1. Qwertesin

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    Jan 27, 2017
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    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139204353

    *Age: 15

    *Current Server Rank: Co-Owner (Doggo)

    In-game name: hecc

    Time played (top right corner): 2 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours, and 35 minutes.

    Reason for applying? (If you are reapplying from being staff before, why were you no longer staff? Explain.):
    I'm currently on my summer break. I have a lot of free time, and so, since i've seen the server get some people on recently i just thought i'd re-apply for staff. Besides, there are 2 PH servers, so i think having a bigger team for PH wouldn't be bad. (i quit being PH staff a long time ago to focus on the Murder server. I was staff for both.)

    Why should we accept you?: First of all, i have been staff in the past for the Prop Hunt, Deathrun, and Murder servers. I know the rules and I'm now up to date with the rule changes that have been made since i quit being staff. I know how and when to use commands, and i have a lot of experience dealing with random people that, for instance, start blasting music through their mic, or harassing other players.

    How often you get on and how long: i recently started getting on more often than before, but i don't get on in a regular basis. However, since i have a lot of free time in my hands i can be on at basically any time for as long as i possibly can if needed.

    Are you bilingual? If yes, what language(s) besides English can you speak?: i can speak English and Spanish fluently. Spanish being my main language.

    Would you ever base a punishment solely on another players word? If so, under what circumstances?: Not really. I'd ask if the person accusing another player for breaking a rule has any sort of evidence to support their claim. I know that almost no one is recording every second of their playtime, but i'm not going to wrongly punish someone just because someone told me tney broke a rule. And i've seen people doing that in purpose just to get someone else banned. So nope.

    Discord Name (Required) (make sure to include your 4 digit identifier): hecc#6784 (i'm in the discord server)

    Do you use voice chat?: Not really. And even if i wanted to it's not like i can because my headset is broken.

    Are you able to use correct grammar?: I'm pretty sure i can.

    Additional information: I really don't have anything else to say about myself

    * Questionnaire
    1) At what time is a prop slain for remaining T-pose? At which point are Hunters slain for being AFK?
    -Props are slain at 2:30 if they're still in t-pose, and hunters are slain at 1:50 if they're AFK
    2) List 3 illegal spots and which maps they are on. As an example (this doesn't count towards your 3 if you use it) - Behind the bathtub on Motel 2.
    -Inside the zombie cage in zombie bunker / Behind the washers on the right side of the laundry room in office / The room you get teleported to if you use the teleporter in containership.
    3) Name 4 staff members and their ranks.
    -[RG]SeKtoR Lin Kuei[Sek] (Helper)
    -Nate (Helper)
    -bbt786 (Admin)
    -luigisteve21 (Community Manager)
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  2. luigisteve21

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    Dec 12, 2016
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    Congratulations! Your application has been ACCEPTED. Welcome back to the Prop Hunt staff team!
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