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    ***The following places are illegal to go to on murder, unless otherwise noted.

    1. gm_construct
    While the 4th balcony of any of the three high-risers is legal, it is illegal to go anywhere higher than the 4th story.
    This does NOT apply during the Low Gravity power round.

    2. ttt_lego
    The traitor room is illegal to go into as the murderer ON THE MICE AND CAT ROUND. (When the murderer has nothing, and all bystanders have guns.)

    3. zs_castle_keep_snowy
    Abusing the wall glitch is illegal. If you do not know what this is, good.

    4. ttt_frozen_prison
    In the crevices of the ice mountains.

    5. ttt_cruise
    Jumping off the steps on the side of the boat into the water.

    6. mu_museum
    Jumping out of bounds towards the front of the museum

    7. mu_wanda
    Jumping into the tower with no collision with it.

    8. mu_mcvillage_v6
    Going into the wall as the murderer during the Mice and Cat powerround

    9. mu_mcmansion_v5

    Getting onto the invisible platform high up in front of the mansion.

    ***If you find an exploit, contact Murder Staff immediately.
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