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    What Is Prophunt?
    Prop Hunt consists of two teams, the Hunter Team and the Prop Team.

    Prop Team
    Players on the prop team are given a number of seconds to change into a prop by pressing e on a prop that is nearby and hide (disguising themselves ) in the map before the Hunters are released. The prop team's goal: to stay alive as long as they can. If the player is feeling cocky, they can taunt by pressing
    F3 to let the hunter know of their presence and where they are. If the hunters can't kill all the props by the time ends after four minutes. The prop team wins!

    Hunter Team

    Players on the hunter are blinded for the first 30 seconds or so that the players on the prop team are out finding a prop to change into and hide in the map. After the time is up, hunters have four minutes to find and kill all the players disguised as props for them to win!

    After the end of the round each team switches roles so players on the Prop team have the chance to be Hunters and the Hunters become props. Map changes after 10 rounds (30 min intervals)

    What makes RageGaming PropHunt Unique?
    * Last prop standing: If the hunters manage to kill all the props except the last prop, that prop gets a gun and gets vengeance for his/her fellow dead props! *exp can be gained for killing hunters!*
    *Prestige system: Skills that allows props/hunters run faster, jump higher ect! Don't know how Prestiging works? Follow Link:
    *Custom Taunt/Prop menu: F4 menu, accessible to donators that allows them to use taunts and props of their choosing .
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