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    This is an easy to explain the process of prestiging, the skill points and the skill shop!

    How can other people on the server jump high and run fast?
    That is the power of prestiging!

    What is prestige?
    Prestiging happens when you reached a certain level by gaining exp and filling up the bar on top of your screen to level up.

    How do you gain EXP?
    is gained several ways,
    1. Coming on the server every day without missing a day. You gain daily exp and it increases every time you come on. If you miss a day, it resets back to 1000 points. [this is the easy way ]
    2. Killing props as a hunter
    3 . Killing hunters as the prop , if your the last prop standing

    After you gain a level, you get ONE skill point that you can use to max the amount on whatever skills you want, such as more health, higher jump, faster speed. There is also featherfall, more ammo for guns and other special "perks" that can be gained by donating.

    How many levels do i need to prestige?
    PRESTIGE 1 * Level 25 [max skill points :10]
    PRESTIGE 2 *Level 50 [ max skills points : 15]
    PRESTIGE 3 *Level 75 [ max skills points : 20 ]
    *PRESTIGE 4 *Level 100 [ max skill points :25] MAX! *

    Note: When you reach a level and prestige, your level and skill points set back to zero and more then likely, any skill points you had left, will not be saved. However, the max amount of skill points you can put into your skills increases and you will see a difference in gameplay. It might not be much at prestige 1 but later on it gets better with a lot of hard work and patience.
    In order to get to the next level of prestige , you may have to level up again and use your skill points in shop so that you can increase your chance of survival against the hunters.

    Note: Heath Boost and Shield perks don't cap out at 25 *thank you ruck * <3

    What are these "extra perks" and how do i gain them?"
    By donating!
    Not only you will have the regular skills in the General and Prophunt section but, depending on which bundle you purchased, either VIP or MVP, you will have access to VIP + skills that regular players and members don't have which includes Featherfall and Prop detection! :D
    [VIP is $ 5, MVP is $10, MVP's get prop detection] Please support our server and keep it strong! <3

    Prop detection? What is that skill?

    When you place skill points into this perk and play in game, you notice for a certain number of seconds, props give off a slight glow, showing their location, making them easy targets for you to see. As you prestige and put more skill points into this skill, the amount of time they glow or seconds it takes for you to see them shortens depending on how many points you put into it.
    This is a favored skill used by the donators and staff! If you wanna be on your game, donate to receive this perk! Its worth it! ;):p

    Is there a quicker way also to level up to Prestige and get more skill points?

    With the perks of getting VIP or MVP or whatever bundle you get, you can get more shop points to customize your player model as well as have access to the VIP Donator's exclusive Player model section and get more skill points that you can use to spend on . Also there are other bundles that give you more levels so that way you can prestige faster.

    If there are any questions that were missed in this thread, feel free to ask staff!
    - Tigri

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