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    The following is a message that was drafted by Gatsby and sent to the staff chats in our Discord on 11/25. It is now addressed for all members.
    Dear Rage Gaming Members:

    As you may or may not know, the community has been in a steady decline over the last few months. Ever since the series of events that occurred at the end of 2016, Rage has had to recover. It has done some of that, but has experienced a lot of turbulence.
    We have been cutting it close with donations and traffic over the last few months, making it clear that Rage Gaming cannot last forever.
    There are three things that can bring us out of this depression, and all three are equally needed:

    1. Community Feedback Talk to us! Surveys, questions, polls…...we send them out but get little response. We can’t do anything with such a little response. And these are almost all from just the staff members. Community apathy, what we are seeing, will tear us down.

    Is there a Rage fire we can spark again?

    2. Donations It costs money to keep the servers running. Without the money, they close. Very self-explanatory. However, we have not been getting enough donations to let Rage grow. This is mostly due to a major effect of our downfall: Low server traffic.

    3. Server support We need players that can care for our servers. Whether it be MU, TTT, PH, GW, or DR, we need players (more importantly staff) that can be traffic-inducers, playing on the server a lot. Obviously people are not going to play on a server if they do not care for it. The servers need a support system, and by that, we mean caring players and staff members.

    Since people are not seeing need for a change, they are not applying for staff.

    With nobody ever online, donations are dropping.

    What can you do?
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