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    Got sent to the forums and don't know where to go from here? Then this Directory will help guide you to the right section of the thread you need!

    The forums is broken up into 5 different threads:

    * This area has a greeting made by our co-owner , Gatsby
    * Announcements for events such as holiday deals on bundles in our RG shop. Make sure to keep an eye out for sweet deals!
    [ You may also type !donate in game in our prophunt server to also access our shop.]
    * Any announcements made by staff for our players


    * Has a list of our current staff members *we are accepting applications*
    *List of Rules for the server
    * List of Illegal spots
    * A thread explaining Prestiging and Use of Skill points

    Staff Applications
    *Thread for applying for staff
    - In order to apply you must have 25+ total hours on the server

    How to apply for staff:
    *Go to the Staff Application thread
    * Copy and paste the Staff Application template in a new thread under the template, and fill out the questions.
    Example of what your post should look like in the thread page when you are done: http://imgur.com/a/T56iQ
    Make sure you keep watch for any changes in your application, if you get accepted, Staff will contact you. Voting on application by staff usually take a day unless there is a list of applications that need to be done. If there is, be patient, we will get to you soon.

    * thread for
    - Any questions that need to be answered
    -troubleshooting (donation transactions , ect.)
    If you have a problem with a player on the server, do not post it here. Either !request in game, or report it to staff! Do not abuse the !request command. It is only used to report a player who is breaking rules!

    * Suggest new ideas
    * playermodels
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